Victor Milianti at Cave Creek Neuromuscular Therapy is amazing and can work wonders with his hands and positive intention. Best Valentine’s day present to myself ever. Thanks again Victor. – Kira K

Another extremely beneficial treatment from Victor…

I believe he reached some shoulder tension that has been there for years! Feeling better and better – if you have pain, GO SEE VICTOR! Thank you!! – Barbi W

Sharing a Wonderful Experience

I want to share the wonderful experience that I had with Victor Milianti.  He is (in my words) a very amazing spirit/ body therapist. He works very intuitively and revealed to me blocks and facilitated releases that are having great effects in my mind/body/spirit. Of course he can address physical issues, but it was so revealing to have a visit with him and have him connect with core issues. With my willingness to allow Spirit to heal thru him, we co-created on a beautiful level.  I would highly recommend Victor as a beautiful stop on your Spiritual journey. – Silchia

Feeling stuck? In a funk?

Move the body, and let Victor move the muscles and joints to reconnect what needs to reconnect–for better flow of “chi” (energy), vitality, toxins out of the body, and better life flow in general. Really. A gifted healer we are blessed to have in Cave Creek! – Heather H

Victor is a very gifted healer

I highly recommend him for any intuitive healing work, cranial sacral, energy work, emotional or spiritual growth and healing. Very grateful for the compassionate, high vibration work. – Hope C

Cave Creek Neuromuscular Therapy

…was recently mentioned to me by an acquaintance & I suggest that anyone in this area of Arizona needing NMT, to check it out!! – Pam T

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